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A fuse holder is a holding device for electrical and electronic fuses that, by inserting into the fuse’s casing or housing, hold the fuse in place for its function.

They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes depending on where they need to be installed. Matching electrical contacts in the fuse holder housing ensures that the fuse conducts current during operation and triggers when the relevant event occurs.

GRL offers first-class household and commercial fuse holders and accessories. Whether glass fuses, ceramic fuses or blade fuses, there are fuse holders or fuse holders for every application.

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Our product information

-+How to Select Your Fuse Holder

To ensure the proper fuse holder is selected for the application, GRL recommends testing the combination under the worst-case or similar conditions that the equipment may encounter.

This could be in higher ambient conditions, higher current, higher resistance fuses that the end user may install/replace, minimal wires or PCB traces used, or no ambient air flow.

Any combination of these factors can be experienced. It helps ensure the suitability of the combination under better electrical conditions by testing it under worst-case conditions. GRL provides below section for our customer to choose

  • Voltage: AC or DC type
  • Poles: 1 pole, 2poles, 3poles or 1+Npoles, 2+Npoles, 3+N poles.
  • Size :10*38, 14*51, 22*58, 10*85, 14*85
  • Indicator: with or without indicator
  • Fuse: with or without fuse

-+What Are The Sizes of GRL Fuse Holder?

Model Size AC400V AC690V DC1000V DC1500V
RT18 10*38 32A 32A
RT18 14*51 63A 63A
RT18 22*58 125A 125A
DNPVF1-32 10*38 32A
DNPVF1-63 14*51 50A
DNPVF1-125 10*38 50A
DNPVF1-32L 10*85 30A
DNPVF1-32L 14*85 30A


-+How to Get Relevant Quotation of Fuse Holder

We would love to hear from you! At GRL, we prefer to provide you with individual quotes rather than publishing generic prices. This ensures that we provide you with the best price to suit your needs.

The quickest way to place an order is to give our customer service team a call or email us at We promise to reply within 24 hours. Talk to us and we’ll be happy to help you with your needs.

-+What Types of Fuse Holder Are Available?

GRL offers most types of fuse holders:

  • Rail Mount: Holder containing fuses inserted into groups with metal contacts
  • Bottle fuse: A holder for a cylindrical bottle fuse, usually with a lid to complete the circuit
  • Base Mount: Enables the base of the stand to attach to objects with screw holes
  • Inline: The housing of a fuse in a wire or cable, usually for safety purposes
  • Panel Mount: Another housing with a nut that fits into the panel for easy access to the fuse

We also stock fuse boxes, clips, switches and covers as well as PCB mounts and other types of accessories.

In addition, we also provide customized services. According to your requirements, we can design or customize the special products you need.

-+How to Clean The Fuse Holder?

First of all you’d better put on rubber or plastic gloves before cleaning. Make sure the mains power is off and there is no live wire. Then use a dry cloth or toothbrush to clean the connector springs.

Third, wrap a small piece of emery cloth around the screwdriver, which can be used to scrub the inside of the fuse holder itself. Finally use a small paintbrush to apply lubricant to all areas of the fuse holder.

-+Why Choose GRL

GRL owns an automatic production line that the annual production reaches 1 million pcs. With the professional R&D team for fuse, GRL has made great breakthroughs in difficult parameters such as high voltage and high current.

GRL has an excellent pre-sales support team and after-sales service team that can provide you with OEM and ODM services. If you have more requirements, please send an email to or click on the right button to contact us.