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Automatic transfer switch (ATSE) is the combination of switch and logical thinking, realizing the automatic transfer switch of mechatronics. With voltage detection, communication interface, electromechanical interlock and other functions. It can realize automatic, manual, remote control and emergency manual control.

The automatic transfer switch is suitable for the automatic transfer and safety isolation of the automatic transfer equipment between the main power supply and the backup power supply of the power supply system or secondary load.

The operation is to manage the operation of the motor and the gearbox through the logic controller with various logic commands. The motor drives the energy storage spring to release the acceleration mechanism quickly, disconnect the circuit and perform circuit conversion, and achieve electrical isolation through the obvious visible state, thereby greatly improving electrical and mechanical properties.

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-+What does an automatic transfer switch do?

What does an automatic transfer switch do?

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a device that automatically transfers a power supply from its primary source to a backup source when it senses a failure or outage in the primary source.

-+What are the two types of automatic transfer switches?

What are the two types of automatic transfer switches?

There are two types of automatic transfer switches, circuit breaker and contactor. The circuit breaker type has two interlocked circuit breakers, so only one breaker can be closed any anytime. The contactor type is simpler design that is electrically operated and mechanically held.

-+Are automatic transfer switches safe?

Are automatic transfer switches safe?

Transfer switches prevent the utility power and the generator from powering your household circuits at the same time. The result is called back feeding. When this happens, the results can be very dangerous and can include fires, serious injury, or even death.

-+Why do transfer switches fail?

Why do transfer switches fail?

Modern automatic transfer switches (ATSs) contain sensitive components that are highly susceptible to damage caused by transient voltage. Voltage monitoring control boards and control power supplies commonly fail due to damage caused by transient voltage. These failure modes result in ATS inoperability.

-+Do I need an automatic transfer switch?

Do I need an automatic transfer switch?

A transfer switch is required by the NEC for any connection of power to a home. Truly, using an ATS is the only safe way to directly connect a generator to your home. An automatic transfer switch isolates your home from the power lines.