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When adjusting electrical equipment, it is critical to use reliable methods of interrupting current and isolating circuits. Isolator switch performs this function, cutting power to close a section of circuit so that it can be serviced.

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Read on what is isolator switch?

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-+What are Isolator Switches for?

What are Isolator Switches for?

Isolating switches combine the function of a switch and the establishment of an isolating switch to interrupt the load current to its rated normal current. It switches on and off under load conditions and provides safe isolation for any low voltage circuit, especially machine control circuits.

Disconnect switches ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. It supports users in creating a safe working environment and reducing the risk of electrical and mechanical accidents, especially during maintenance and repair work. It is suitable for a variety of applications such as machinery, power distribution, switchboards, motor control centers or photovoltaic installations.

-+GRL Load Switch Disconnector

GRL Load Switch Disconnector

Load switches are designed to switch current on or off under normally energized circuit conditions. Load switches typically have circuit “making” capacity but lack circuit “breaking” capacity as per IEC 60947-1 and 3. The load switch cannot be turned off, but it can be conducted.

HGL Load Switch Disconnector is suitable for LV power distribution systems with 50 Hz rated working voltage below AC 690V and rated working current up to AC 3150A. It is used for infrequent connecting and breaking for normal load and overload current, and be used as an isolator switch in the off state.

HGL load break switch can be wired at the front or at the back of the board. It has a variety of operation modes such as inside, outside, back, front, and at the side of the cabinet.

When choosing an isolatorswitch, be sure to determine the insulation voltage, working voltage and current of the system. Improper selection may cause the switch to malfunction and possibly injure personnel or equipment.

-+Alternative Names

Alternative Names

Isolator Switches have various alternative names. When shopping for these basic devices, you may encounter any of the following:

  • Switch disconnectors
  • Isolation switches
  • Power isolation switches
  • Fused isolators
  • Fused isolator switches
  • Fused or fuse switch disconnector
  • Disconnecting, disconnector or disconnect
  • switchesSwitch fuse disconnecto

-+GRL Different Types Of HGL Load Switch Disconnectors

GRL Different Types Of HGL Load Switch Disconnectors

Like most professional electrical equipment,  isolator switches are available in a variety of models, designed for different purposes. Some are for alternating current (AC) and some are for direct current (DC). They may be dedicated specifically to industrial use, with varying numbers of fuses and poles.

DNH8(HGL)/H Series, Operation Behind The Cabinet

DNH8(HGL)/H Series switches up to 1600A are available to observe the on-off state of the copper contacts directly. Besides, it is only available for operation outside the cabinet.

DNH8(HGL)/TM Series, Transparent Type

Observe the internal structure and the on-off state of the contacts directly through a transparent upper cover.

DNH8(HGL)/C Series, Side Operation

DNH8(HGL)/C series mainly operate on the side.

  • Operation inside: Handle is installed on the right side of the switch in cabinet.
  • Operation outside: Handle is installed on the right outside of cabinet, with a rod.

-+Difference Between Isolator switch And Circuit Breaker?

Difference Between Isolator switch And Circuit Breaker?

Isolator switches are different from circuit breakers, although they have similar functions. A circuit breaker blocks the flow of current to the entire circuit, while a Isolator switch only cuts off part of the circuit.

A circuit breaker is a protective device. In the event of an overload or short circuit, they disconnect the system from the power source. They prevent further damage to equipment by interrupting power flow.

The isolator can only be used during unloading and the breaking capacity is not very frequent. The circuit breaker can be operated during loading and unloading, and the breaking capacity is relatively high.

-+What to Consider Before Buying Isolators?

What to Consider Before Buying Isolators?

What do you need?

You need to consider the type of isolator you need, eg know your power requirements. If you want a customized solution, this is not a problem as we offer various customization features.

Voltage and current

Note that the current flowing through the wired supply chain is combined with the voltage to determine how much energy is flowing through your network.

Therefore, if you want to install a disconnect switch, you must size its contacts to ensure that it can accommodate the power being transmitted through its network.

Learn about IEC and AS certificates

Another thing to consider is to know about IEC and AS certificates. If an isolator manufacturer has these certificates, it means that the business has complied with international guidelines when manufacturing isolator products.

Installation method

You will also need to consider the preferred location for installing the isolator switch and which installation method is appropriate for your application

-+GRL Isolator switch Designer and Manufacturer

GRL Isolator switch Designer and Manufacturer

GRL is a trusted manufacturer of electrical components and accessories across the globe. Our 30+ years of experience in the electrical industry allows us to manufacture isolators that comply with the latest standards.

Quality is the first goal in each of our workshops, as this will bring the best performance and safety to all our customers. Our commitment to quality increased brand awareness for your company.

In order to achieve our goal, GRL laboratory is equipped with more than 40 test equipments, such as temperature rise tester, mechanical life tester, salt spray tester, switch calibration bench, Rockwell hardness tester, etc. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with numerous companies.

We have a professional sales team and after-sales team online 24 hours a day, with quick response and assistance at any time.

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