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Knife switch is generally used to control the ON/OFF of AC or DC low voltage (not more than 500V) circuits. Under the rated voltage, its working current cannot exceed the rated current.

When we choose knife switch to control the machine’s power supply, the knife switch is mainly used as a power switch, which does not need to be cut off or closed frequently.

Generally, it is not to switch on or cut off the working current of the motor and. There are single poles, double pole and three poles.

The three-pole knife switch current has 100 A, 200 A, 400A, 630 A and 1000 A. With model no. HD(disconnector switch ) and HS(changeover switch ) and other series.

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-+Do you know what is knife switch?

Now let me introduce it for you.

Knife switch is called knife switch for isolator. In addition, you can call it as knife disconnect switch.

If we discussed knife switch from age of using, knife switch can be classified as the level of antique knife switch. Because the style of the knife switch is old, it is recognized as vintage knife switch. In the early time, the material of antique knife switch is ceramic knife switch.

We can sort out knife switch into high voltage knife switch and low voltage knife switch in the knife switch box.

Under normal circumstances, high voltage of power knife switch belongs to heavy duty knife switch. Usually we can call it large knife switch from volume.

In low voltage,The biggest big knife switch is usually high current knife switch. There are many knife switch manufacturers in China, the maximum current of knife switches in GRL can be reached 4000A.

AND household small knife switch that it can be made mini knife switch. AS we can see that like China red knife switch、pink switch knife.

Knife switch is same as fuse disconnect switch from the function.

-+What are the components of a knife switch?

What are the components of a knife switch?

Knife switch structure: insulated base,movable knife contacts,static knife contacts arc chamber components,safety protective board and operation mechanism.

-+Model No. & Meaning

Model No. & Meaning

① Category Code:”HD”disconnector knife switch

“HS” transfer knife switch;

② Design No:

“11” Central Handgrip;

“12” Front Lever Operaing Mechanism at side;

“13”Central Lever Operating Mechansim;

“14” Side handgrip;

③ Conventional thermal current(A)

④ No. of poles(1,2,3,4)

⑤ “0” means without arc chamber;”1” means with arc chamber;

-+What is knife switch parts ?

Knife switch is also called knife disconnect switch. The function of knife disconnect switch is to connect the power circuit and break the circuit. The fuse is used as a special load to protect the motor. The most common use is to use it to turn motors off and on.


The black color ceramic knife switch is the oldest, and is the most traditional best switch knife and copper knife switch in households, industries, and the most popular use.


Its structure is composed of ceramic switch knife base, wire inlet seat, bakelite knife switch cover, clamp seat, fuse, switch blade knife kit (also called moving contact), etc. Its structure is shown in the following figure:

  • knife switch diagram

knife switch diagram


  • knife switch symbol

knife switch symbol


Common knife switches include HD11F, HK8 ,HK2 series.

HD11F knife switch


-+Knife Switch Series

Knife Switch Series

  • HD11FG

HD11FG Knife Switch With Protective Cover.

The HD11 Knife switch is suitable for  distribution panels  at  AC 50HZ ,rated voltage up to AC690V and rated current up to 1600A. Knife switch is used to manually connecting or breaking circuits infrequently , or used as disconnector switches in lower voltage distribution panels.  The latest knife switch improve the performance of personal safety protection, to prevent accidental electric shock .


  • HD13BX

The HD13 Knife changeover switch is suitable for  distribution panels  at  AC 50HZ ,rated voltage up to AC690V and rated current up to 3150A.  HD13 knife changeover switch is used to manually connecting and breaking circuits infrequently, or used as disconnector switches.With a middle operate handle, the switch is mainly applied in power system, worked as a load break switch.



Knife switch is suitable for power application system at AC50HZ, Rated voltage up to 380V ,DC440V,Rated current up to 1500A,which is used to manually connect or break circuits infrequently.

Knife switch which handle in the middle and changeover knife switches mainly applied in substation. It is not used to  cut off the circuit with current and used as isolator switch only.

Knife switch with handle at side is mainly applied in power feeder pillar.

Knife switch whose handle is in the front can be applied in switchgear which can operate in the front and maintenance in the back and the operating mechanism is installed in the front.

Knife switch whose handle is at the side ,can be  applied in switchgear which is operated at side and maintenanced in the front and the operating mechanism is installed in two sides.

The knife switch equipped with arc extinguishing chamber can cut off the loading  current , other series of knife switch is only used as isolator switch,  be sure to choose the correct items according to your application.



Knife switch has good operability, which is a manual control electrical switch, whose operation is very simple. It is a manual transfer switch,and you can observe the knife switch state obviously,especially when the circuit needs maintenance, the relevant people can observe that the knife switch is at the disconnected position, obviously  , so as to ensure the safety of the circuit maintenance personnel.

Knife switch with simple structure and low price;

There are many different  types of knife switch. Knife switch commonly has HD type, HS type, etc., which can meet different working conditions and requirements , and play a full role in the system in various places to improve the safety of the system.

-+How to close a switch knife ?

Knife switch alias switch knife, is actually a kind of electrical equipment manual electric equipment. Also commonly known as power knife switch.

Generally used for low-voltage electrical appliances, commonly divided into single pole knife switch, single throw knife switch, 2 pole knife switch, 3 phase knife switch, 3 pole knife switch, 3 way knife switch, etc.

single throw knife switch

-+How to close a knife switch and what should be paid attention to?

First of all, before using a knife switch, you must first check the opening and closing state of the knife switch.


1. Matters needing attention when opening knife switch:

① . It should be slow and cautious when the disconnect knife switch starts, and it should be interrupted quickly when the buck knife switch blade leaves the knife blade switch contactor.

②. knife switch disconnect is a stop switch knife, you should check that all 3 phase lines have been disconnected at home. Commonly used are 30 amp knife switch disconnect.


2. Precautions when knife switch connection:

①. Whether it is operated with a manual transmission device or an insulating lever, it should be operated quickly and decisively, but when closing the switch, check whether the knife switch is closed, whether the knife blade switch contactor of 3 phase knife switch is in good contact, and check the knife switch terminals.

②. After the knife switch is closed, the operating mechanism of the china knife-switch lockout type is more convenient.


-+When using the knife switch, the step for switching on the circuit are as follows:

  1. You need switch on the knife switch.
  2. Switch on other switching appliances. When you disconnect knife switch, the first you need disconnect other switching appliances, then you disconnect knife switch. Only if it is knife switches, they have same function and using way, no matter what Any brand knife switch, including ABB knife switch including.

-+Knife switch can be are divided into the following types:

double throw knife switch、single pole double throw knife switch、two pole double throw knife switch、double pole knife switch.

Triphase double throw knife switch,which is a knife switch consists of open-type knife switch or knife switch antique,knife type changeover switch and vintage electric knife switch.

-+Notes for the using way of knife switch:

  1. Usually three-phase motor under 5.5KW need control bybakelite knife switch. Now Rated Voltage of knife switch must match with working line voltage. This style knife switches that as we said antique knife switch.
  2. About Voltage of three phase line, like 380V and 415V, which need adopt the vintage knife switch of 500V. As the same time, it also need 3 way knife switch. The best knife switch that we suggest you choose China copper knife switch, brass knife switch is not our best choice.
  3. The Voltage 220V of three phase line, which need adopt knife switch That Voltage is 250V and any material.  As the same time, it need choose 2 pole knife switch.
  4. How do we choose knife switch panel? When using a lighting line, we choose the rated current of the Knife Switch is greater than load current. When using power lines, it is stipulated that the rated current of knife Switch should be more than 3 times of the load current.
  5. The rated current of knife switch with fuse, that we required it can not greater than the rated current of switch.
  6. When we use industrial knife switch to control motor, in order to improving the safety of using, we suggest that a set of plug fuse is added above the knife switch.
  7. In order to ensure the quality of knife switch, copper knife switch is our first choice. Brass knife switch that we do not advise you to buy it. Knife Switches produced by international brands, they all have highly requirement for quality, like Aton knife switch 、ABB knife switch、 Siemens knife switch、Mersen knife switch 、Eaton and so on. We have known the affair about Eaton knife switch recall, the major reason that they have highly requirement for quality.

-+Many people are wondering where can vintage knife switch for sale?

The vintage knife switch is now the china red knife switch, and there are many knife switch factories in the world.

Especially in China and India, there are many knife switch manufacturers, and the price cost is still an advantage.

When you buy a small quantity of knife switches for sale, you can place an order on the knife switch amazon platform.


-+If you want to compare knife switch prices, find knife Switch manufactures:

My suggestion is that you enter knife switch key words in GOOGLE to search, such as knife switch price, knife switch supplier, knife switch switches copper switch, knife type changeover switch factory.

-+If you want to find OEM knife switch supplier on GOOGLE:

You need to enter common keywords: oem 250a knife blade switch, oem 250a knife blade switch, oem double knife switch, oem knife switches, oem power knife switch, oem red knife switch, oem red knife switch, oem switch knife.


But there will still be many traders who say that they are factories, you need them to provide the following content, you can give preference to knife switch suppliers:

  • Video: knife swtich production site, is it a standard 5S work site. Only on-site professional management of products can ensure quality.


  • Test equipment: Only with professional knife swtich testing equipment can the quality of the produced knife switch be more reliable.


  • Certification: In line with local kinfe swtich certification such as ISO, CCC, IEC standard certification.


  • Warranty period: The longer the warranty period of kinfe swtich products, the more reliable the quality is.


  • knife swtich after-sales service terms: the more detailed you write, the more guaranteed the quality.

-+Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 2003, GRL is a professional company integrating R&D, production and sales of electrical components and accessories such as low-voltage bus system, fuse switch dieconnector&fuse link, vertical fuse switch disconnector and knife switch.

The products are widely used in low-voltage distribution systems and industrial control systems in power, construction, photovoltaic, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, railway and other industry power control systems.

Our product sales network covers large and medium-sized cities across the country and is exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Oceania etc..

There are 18 professional international sales engineers and about 30 technical R & D engineers. Our well-trained sales engineers and technical engineers are here to help you!



We also have a large inventory, in case urgent demands.

There are more than 40 test equipment in GRL lab, such as temperature rise tester, mechanical life tester, salt spray test machine, switch calibration bench, Rockwell hardness tester and so on. GRL focus on quality control management. we provide qualified products to customer from all of the world.

We have professional sales team and after-sales team are online 24 hours, which respond quickly and provide help at any time.

Contact us to get your own unique login details!

-+Contact us

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