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ceramic fuse link
  • ceramic fuse link

DC1000V Ceramic Fuse Link

Mode: DNPV1038

Voltage: DC1000V

Color: White

Utilization Category: gPV

Breaking Capacity: 20kA

Certification: TUV,CE, CCC,CB


Keyword: cylinder fuse, din type hrc fuse

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Product Item DNPV1038
Rated Current 2A-30A
Rated voltage DC1000V
Breaking Capacity(kA) 20kA
Standard IEC 60269-6 GB/T 13539.6
Applications solar system

How many different size of GRL DC1000V ceramic fuse link?

At present there is size 10mm*38mm.

DC1000V Ceramic Fuse Link-1

How to select the ceramic fuse link for fuse holder ?

* Step 1:Confirm the size fuse holder or fuse switch.

* Step 2:Confirm the voltage and Ampere of fuse holder or fuse switch.

* Step 3: Select the cylinder fuse according to the voltage and ampere.

Model. Rated Current


I²T (A²S) Power Loss
0.8In 1.0In






2 1.2 3.3 0.68 1.36
3 3.9 11 0.75 1.42
4 10 27 0.94 1.58
5 18 48 0.98 1.83
6 31 89 1.10 1.84
8 3.1 21 1.13 1.86
10 7.2 68 1.21 2.08
12 16 136 1.38 2.62
15 24 215 1.67 2.95
20 38 392 1.92 3.12
25 71 508 2.1 3.46
30 102 821 2.3 3.78

Which certificates and test report do you have for the ceramic fuse link?

CE, TUV, RoHs and so on

DC1000V Ceramic Fuse Link-2

If GRL DC1000V din type hrc fuse could match ABB fuse holder or EATON DC1000V fuse holder?

It is ok, if the size is matched. GRL DC1000V cylinder fuse could work with ABB or other brand of fuse holder. Make sure DC fuse holder match DC ceramic fuse link and AC fuse holder match AC ceramic fuse link.

How to identify a good fuse link?

(1) Check the ceramic tube : GRL select first class ceramic tube. Make sure it is in high compressive strength and good mechanical strength.  Poor quality ceramic is easy to crack.

Contact: There are cooper contacts fuse link  and brass contact fuse links in market. GRL DC cylinder fuse with T2 copper knife fuse contacts,Forge and once forming.T2 copper has lower power dissapation and makes the switch with lower temperature rise. Other supp   lier might use brass .

(2) Plate: Aluminum plate makes the eddy current small,lower power dissapation which is more line with the trand of energy conservation.

(3) Silica Sand: GRL select Silica sand as it  has higher arcing ability than common sand.