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Lv Hrc Ceramic Fuse Link

Mode: NH00 NH1 NH2 NH3

Voltage: 500VAC/690VAC/440VDC

Color: White

Material: Aluminum alloy,nylon,copper,silica sand,ceramics

Certification: TUV,CE, CCC,CB


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This is the size diagram of NH00(2A-160A) hrc fuse link parameters, except the size of the hrc fuse link, we also have NH1 (40A-250A),NH2(80A-400A)and NH3 ceramic fuse link(315A-630A)

Lv Hrc Ceramic Fuse Link-1

Lv hrc ceramic fuse link parameters

Product Item RT16(NT/NH)Fuse Link
Rated Current 2A-630A
Rated voltage 500VAC/690VAC/250VDC
Breaking Capacity(kA) 120kA(500V),50kA(690V)
Standard GB/T13539.2 & IEC60269-2
Applications Power control system, industry electrical equipment

What is a hrc fuse link?

Hrc fuse link is an electric protective appliance. When the current exceeds the rating for several milliseconds, it will melt the metal in the fuse link to disconnect the circuit.

Lv Hrc Ceramic Fuse Link 2

How does a Lv hrc ceramic fuse link work?

The lv hrc fuse link are connected in series, when the current is overloaded or short-circuited, the hrc fuse link will melt due to its own heating, then the circuit break. It’s widely applied in power control system, industry electrical equipment as a protective device due to its simple structure and easy maintenance.

The material of the Lv hrc ceramic fuse link?

The hrc fuse link is mainly composed of cover plate, plug, knife contact, fuse element, filler and ceramic body.

  • Cover plate:GRLadopts high strength aluminum alloy. The surface embossing makes the product more beautiful and the design of stiffener makes the product more firm and reliable.
  • Plug:GRLadopts high strength nylon material, which is more resistant to high temperature
  • Knifecontact:The integrated design rather than riveting structure of copper has stronger performance and lower temperature rise.
  • Fuse element:GRLadopts high performance copper strip, and the fuse element layout design is more reasonable and breaking capacity is stronger.
  • Filler:GRLadopts silica sands in high purity.
  • Fuse body:GRLadopts high frequency porcelain.
Lv hrc ceramic fuse link

What is the Applications of Lv hrc ceramic fuse link?

Too protect the circuit from short circuits in HV switchgear.

For backup safety

For protect electrical devices like motors, transformers, automobiles, etc

Used in stators of motor

Lv Hrc Ceramic Fuse Link 3

How to choose a correct hrc fuse link?

Lv Hrc Ceramic Fuse Link 4

1.By usage category

2.When selecting hrc fuse link, please refer to the fuse body size first, then select the current.

3.The protection performance of the fuse should well match with the overload performance of the protected object.

4.In the power distribution system, the rated current of the upper level fuse is 2 ~ 3 times of the branch fuse link.

5.For the motor protecting fuse, please be noted that the influence of the motor starting current. The hrc fuse link is generally used as the short-circuit protection of the motor only, and the thermal relay shall be used for overload protection.

6.The rated current of the fuse should not be less than the rated current of the fuse element; The rated breaking capacity should be larger than the maximum short-circuit current that may occur in the circuit.

The advantage of the Lv hrc fuse link produced by GRL?

*  It clears high as well as low fault currents.

*  Do not deteriorate with age.

*  Provides reliable discrimination.

*  Maintenance is not necessary

*  Cheaper than other circuit interrupting devices with same rating.

*  Permit consistent performance

*  Fusing operation is fast without Noise and Smoke

*  Easy to design and very simple

*  High breaking capability

*  Easy operation

*  Easy to design and very simple

*  The inverse time characteristic is suitable for overload protection

*  Certificates are complete. We have TUV, CCC, CE CB

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