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Photovoltaic fuse 1500VDC PV fuse 10*85 2A-25A

Mode: Photovoltaic fuse 1500VDC 10*85 2A-25A

Voltage: 500VAC/690VAC

Color: White

fuse types:gG

Certification: TUV,CE, CCC,CB

Standard :IEC 60269-6 GB/T 13539.6


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Photovoltaic fuse 1500VDC PV fuse

Utilization category gPV
Rated breaking capacity DC 20KA
Time constant L/R 1-3 ms
(Reference) Standard IEC 60269-6  GB/T 13539.6

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What is a cylinder fuse?

Cylinder fuse is a fast type of electric safety device which is used to protect cables, power lines, and electric equipment against overloads and short circuits in electrical systems.

It is a safety device which is invented to protect electrical equipment from excessive current,same as other types of small electrical fuses.

The main function of a cylinder fuse is to protect systems and human life.

20 Amp Cylinder Fuse

Construction & Working of a Cylinder Fuse

20 Amp Cylinder Fuse-2

* Just as its name implies, the shape of cylindrical fuse is look like a cylinder. Cylinder fuse body is made of ceramic, porcelain, or glass. There is a thin copper wire or silver wire, or metal alloy strip in the middle of fuse. And also it has metal cap at each fuse end, which are used as contacts when it is inserted (in series) into the electric circuit. Usually, the metal cap is made of nickel plated red copper or silver-plated red copper which has high conductivity.

* Cylinder fuse body is filled up with granular or powder materials known as filler. There are various types of materials used as filler like sand, calcium carbonate, quartz etc.

* The thin wire conductor is designed to fusing at a specific temperature when the circuit carries more than the rated current. When the wire fusing, the circuit breaks and no current flows. The powder in the fuse cartridge condenses and cools the vapor and quenches the arc there by interrupting the flow current.

* Cylinder fuses are widely applied in many different types of electrical and electronic equipment. They are not only protect the equipment from danger, but also prevent dangerous fires caused by overheating of the circuit. Once the cylindrical fuse has been overheats and the wire has been fusing, it does no longer works. Anew fuse must be installed to restore the current through the circuit. Cylinder fuses are replaced inside a holder. This is called a cartridge fuse carrier, fuse switch or fuse holder.

How to select proper rating size of Cylinder Fuse?

While selecting the proper fuse and its rated size for electrical appliances is based on different factors and environments. But the following basic formula shows how to choose the right size of fuse?

Fuse Rating = ( Power / Voltage ) x 1.25

For example, you have to find the right size of fuse for 10A two pin socket.

(1000W / 230V ) x 1.25 = 5.4A

Application of Cylinder Fuse

* Ceramic Cylinder Fuse:

* Industrial control cabinet;

* PV combiner box;

* Protection of measuring instruments;

* Protection of isolated transformers;

* Protection of surge arresters.

* Motor,etc

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